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In Memory

John Foti

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08/25/17 09:51 PM #1    

George Friedman

I can't say enough good things about John. His locker was next to mine, and he wrote his combination on it so that any friend could get a pen. paper, or a book if they needed it! One day he brought in a cigarette maker. He put in the paper and tobacco,squeezed, and out it popped ! Coolest thing ever. In drivers ed ,the first day of "behind the wheel" , he said to Mr. Hirst "don't worry, I've done this plenty of times before." John had a big heart and never cared that I didn't travel in his usual social circles. So sorry to see he died so young. I would love to have been able to catch up with him in later years , but it wasn't God's plan.

George Friedman


08/26/17 02:05 PM #2    

Becie Leininger (Jones)

I always liked John also. He went to St. Momica's with me. It was nice to know someone my first yeat at WFB. There were not that many that came from St. Monica's. John's uncle was the pastor at St. Monica's.  Father Barry. Odd couple for sure.


08/27/17 01:31 PM #3    

Bill Bowman

I enjoyed John as well.  He was always interesting, even to my father who liked him enough to help him legally a couple of times.  As Becie mentioned, John's uncle was Msgr. Barry who married Leigh and me.


08/27/17 03:26 PM #4    

Michael Weidman (Weidman)

My fondest memory is when the Beatles "invaded America, John and I were passing the music store at the old Bay Shore strip mall, when we saw a Beatles POP display in the window. John immediately recognised the battery operated "bobbing head" POP had placed the wrong heads on the bodies. John was Paul, Paul was George,etc. Naturally, John had to go into the store and advise the manager of the discrepancy. The manager was pleased someone had noticed.  I enjoyed John.  Though he was somewhat gruff, he had a great heart.  Our loss is heaven's gain.

08/27/17 09:48 PM #5    

Jim Scotese

At the beggining of our sophomore year, I shared a Phy Ed class  with John and one of us challenged the other to a in class wrestling match. The minute we locked horns, I realized I was in well over my head, he was beyond bulldog strenth and a mass contender for his size and weight. I came away with a different viewpoint after that day. Thanks John

08/28/17 01:08 PM #6    

Jim Stearns

John Foti was a good person and always a tad crazy in the good meaning of the word. He came over one day to my house on sylvan and we spent an hour banging on my guitar. Raucous fun. I remember him also from little league. I think he was a decent player but His father would really scream (chew him out) at him for his play on the field if he made the slightest mistake. I think it went a little beyond the normal limits of parental screaming  John was a true independent spirit  I have nothing but good memories of him  


08/28/17 04:07 PM #7    

Paula Zelonky (Hogan)

John sat next to me in Mr. Hiken's algebra class (or was it geometry?).  He always asked to copy my homework and usually I let him.  More fool he.  I was terrible with numbers!

08/29/17 04:20 PM #8    

Robert Ahrens

John was a little on the "wild side" when we were kids. He was someone who could get in trouble. At his essence, though, he seemed happy and very honest. I recall an episode when were around eight where we got into trouble somehow and the man who was the benefactor of our mischief ran out and caught me, while John escaped. John came back and spoke to the man telling him that he (John) was at fault, not me. I have no idea what we did, who was at fault or what the consequences were going to be. All I recall is John coming back and taking the blame himself. The man let both of us go. 

Quality shows in actions. That action of John's has stayed with me all these years. ...

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